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News: Exmouth's Abode of Love project

A panel, including Exmouth artist Anna Fitzgerald and councillor Joe Whibley,  selected 60 participants to complete this project - artists, performers, musicians, writers and designers. Read more about this in the Exmouth Journal - just click on the images below....

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On Saturday 22 July 2023 at the Exeter Phoenix the exhibition‘Toys of Innocence and Experience’ took place. It unashamedly carries a title borrowed from the English poet, painter and visionary, William Blake. His illustrated ‘Songs of Innocence and of Experience’ is, perhaps, his most popular book of poems. In it he uses child-like verses as a vehicle for satire and social comment.

Here, toys take on that role. Either by playing with them, or on close inspection, participants discover that these toys aren’t so innocent. Indeed, some of the twenty-five toys in the show might possibly be found to be disturbing, or even shocking. At the very least they cannot be described simply as sculptures. They are more like stimulators for the formation of thoughts – thoughts about society and the world we live in.

The German artist, Joseph Beuys coined the term ‘social sculpture’. At 1.30 pm for those wishing to learn more about Beuys’ work, Cliff Gorman will be giving a multimedia presentation which focuses on Beuys’ concept of ‘Social Sculpture’ and its significance for the world today.

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