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Saturday 21 May 2022: 7.30 pm at Holy Trinity Church, Exmouth: Sacred Jazz with the Exeter Philharmonic Choir

In an exciting new departure for Exeter Philharmonic Choir, the summer concert of our 175th anniversary year, ‘Sacred Jazz’, will fuse sacred texts with music from the jazz idiom, accompanied by saxophone, piano, bass and drums.

We are honoured to be giving the first performance of a work Stephen Tanner has written for and dedicated to the choir, called Jazz Te Deum and Jubilate Deo. This new setting for chorus and jazz quartet of Psalm 100 combines jazz idioms with references to the timeless ancient melodies of plainsong. Stephen Tanner is well known in the South West and beyond as both a classical and a jazz musician and is EPC’s associate director of music.

English composer Will Todd's compositions also merge classical and jazz traditions. His Songs of Peace is not a conventional requiem but a beautiful work about love and loss dedicated to his mother. The concert also features a jazz-inspired piano duet by Richard Rodney Bennett and three spirituals arranged for choir by Stephen Tanner.

Joining us for the concert will be the quartet of Andrew Downton (piano), Steve Wiltshire (saxophones), Phil Williams (bass) and Ryan Carter (drums).

Saturday 11 June - Saturday 18 June: Exmouth Musical theatre Company in 'That's Jazz', Exmouth Pavilion. Details at

Saturday, 8 July until Friday, 16 July: Budleigh Music Festival. Further details at

Monday 18th to Friday 22nd July: Exmouth Youth Theatre in 'We will Rock You', Exmouth Pavilion. Further details at

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