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Exmouth Arts....promoting the performing and visual arts for the benefit of the community

What we do

This initiative started in 2019 from a couple of volunteers who live in Exmouth. Our aim is to promote the performing and visual arts in Exmouth, and through this website draw together information about the arts in Exmouth together with details of various arts events taking place in Exmouth. We are a virtual arts centre as we do not have our own premises, but there are a number of venues in our town where a wide variety of arts events take place. Just click or tap on the subject area that interests you - art, music, theatre, literature, film, dance or poetry - for information.  And on our home page we  feature how to find out about latest events events, some topical issues and other arts-related features.

We also feature details of organisations and groups involved in the arts and in cultural activities in Exmouth, venues in Exmouth plus a links section  for further information. In addition, we have separate section for occasional features.

For an article about arts, music and culture in Exmouth, see https://www.visitexmouth.co.uk/news/arts-music-and-culture-in-exmouth 

Getting in touch

If you would like to add any events, venues or organisations that we may have left out, or have any suggestions, or if you would like to  know more, or if you want to join us in developing this further, please email us - contact@exmoutharts.co.uk.  And the best link to this website is www.exmoutharts.co.uk (and also available at https://sites.google.com/view/exmoutharts).

We also have a Facebook Group where we can quickly publicise latest events and where you can add your own items and comments - https://www.facebook.com/groups/exmoutharts/. This is a public Facebook group open to all, but please sign up as a member of this growing group for extra advantages and so that you can post items and comment. We hope you can join us!

Here below is the poster that we used when we first set up Exmouth Arts. Does anyone want to have a go at designing a new poster? Please email John Hunt at contact@exmoutharts.co.uk.

Exmouth Community Arts Centre poster Sept 2019.pdf